Facebook APK v98. (41212249) Free Download For Android


A social website that lets you to share your updates with others. It is launched by Mark Zuckerberg on February 4, 2004. Now it is the largest social site in the world. Download the Facebook official app now and get social on the go.                    

Share Updates:

Share your photos & videos with your friends, classmates and families on Facebook. Upload your photos and videos on your timeline and tag with your favorite friends to get lots of likes and comments.                 

Find Friends:

By using Facebook, you can easily find your friends and classmates very easily. Just search the name of your friend or family member to find him/her and add to your friends list.

News Feeds:

Get instant updates shared by your friends every time on Facebook’s news feeds. See new stories (photos and videos) shared by your friends. Like or comment posts shared by others on Facebook and keep connected with friends and families.

Get Notifications:

With Facebook get real time notifications on your android device. It will automatically notify you, when some-one sent friend request to you or when some-one like or comment on your shared posts.

Create Pages & Groups:

You can create pages and groups very easily on Facebook. Create pages what you want, add friends to your pages and promote your pages. Join groups, like pages created by others and get new stories always on news feeds.

Use Apps & Play Games:

You can play your favorite games online and use your favorite apps right on Facebook. Moreover, you can play games and share your scores with others.
Find your favorite apps or games and use them.

Download Facebook For Free:

Free download its updated version on your android smart phone or tablet right now and get social on the go. You can install Facebook app directly from Google Play by follow the link.


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