Super-Bright LED Flashlight APK v1.1.0 (16) Free Download for Android

Super-Bright LED Flashlight is the best and outstanding app of the flashlight. It is excellent app to switch on/off the flashlight of your phone instantly. It is the most popular app for your Android smart and tablet. You can quickly switch on or off it very easily.

Super bright flashlight

It is the most excellent app of flashlight. It turns your device into a bright flashlight in a single tap. Moreover, it is guaranteed and it takes full of advantages of the LED light with its ultimate lightening tool.

Blinking Mode

Super-Bright LED flashlight supports the Strobe/Blinking Mode. It is the blinking frequency adjustable flashlight. You can feel that you are using the real flashlight when you use it on your Android device.

Outstanding features

It has got outstanding and astounding features in it. You have no need to take extra torch or install any other brighter flashlight than it on your Android device. It is guaranteed and super bright flashlight and supports blinking mode. Moreover, it has got stunning and most beautiful graphics.

Consumes low power

Super-Bright LED flashlight consumes very low power of your battery. Your battery doesn't get down quickly. It is very simple and has got lots of features. The coolest feature of it is that you can adjust the blinking frequency of it.

Download for free

Super-Bright LED flashlight is fully free to download for Android devices. Download this outstanding app on your Android smart phone or tablet and feel that you’re using real flashlight. You can install it directly from Google Play by follow the link.

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