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YOLO Launcher is free and the best launcher for Android smart phones and tablets. It is simple, fast, smart and secure launcher. It has got effective and useful feature in it. You can personalize it with your style easily. The useful icons of messages, email, calls and more appeared on the home screen at YOLO notification. You can see your notifications by clicking the notification icon on home screen. Moreover, discover top apps everyday and received great secret app deals in the market.

Small, speedy, secure, smart and customize able

It is very small in size and uses less storage space to install on your device. YOLO Launcher is secure and customize able, so you can customize its effects, wallpapers, scrolling, and much more. Your smart phone looks amazing after installing of this smart launcher.

Boost your device

Your smart phone never hangs and works amazing with this launcher. It increases 200% efficiency and clear RAM by boosting your device. You have to just click on the boost icon and your smart phone never hangs and works amazing.

Personalize your launcher

You can personalize your smart phone by downloading of high quality themes and wallpapers. Download and install beautiful free high quality wallpapers and themes to personalize your favorite YOLO Launcher and make your device more amazing.

Download this app for free

So, what are you waiting for just click the link and download this amazing launcher on your smart phone or tablet to make them smart and speedy. Install it on your device and personalize it with different beautiful themes and wallpaper.

YOLO Launcher app info

Current Version:
File Size: 10.9 MB (11161.6 KB)
Unloaded On: November 26, 2016
Updated On: Not updated yet

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